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Helping people reach emotional and physical well-being, through an integrated approach to managing their own health

The conventional approach
If you go to your doctor with a pain in your knee, he/she will most probably ask you some questions, come up with a diagnosis (say Arthritis) and give you a prescription for a suitable drug, such as, in this case, an anti-inflammatory or pain killer. This conventional approach deals with the condition, arthritis, by suppressing the symptom, the pain. 

The alternative approach
The alternative approach puts the emphasis on prevention rather than cure. We are told that it is a good thing to exercise and to eat 5 helpings of fruit and vegetables daily. Unfortunately, because our food is nutritionally empty these days compared with a century ago, and because our environment is becoming increasingly toxic, our bodies are struggling to stay in optimum health, and we have to do much more that eat a few extra sprouts and walk to work. 

In the above example, a change in lifestyle and diet would probably be recommended, but in addition, supplementation with essential minerals and vitamins, would also be necessary so that the arthritic condition did not develop. If the condition were already advanced, the emphasis would be to treat not just the pain, but also the disharmony in the whole body that might be contributing to the symptoms. Any symptom is suggestive of an imbalance that has not been dealt with. The body has the resources to heal itself and natural remedies will help it to do that. This approach is more holistic than just dealing with a symptom in isolation.

Positive Solutions 
Positive Solutions is led by Dr Sue Waters, a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. In her private therapeutic work Sue saw many clients with emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression, who did not want to take prescription drugs. Some of these people had been on drugs for considerable periods of time, and were experiencing bad side effects. 

As a result of her personal interest in alternative and complementary medicine, Sue realised that there were alternative natural remedies available that were effective and safe. She came to realise that many emotional disorders had a physical base and vice versa, and these could be addressed by taking a more integrated approach to health, focussing on the whole person. Thus, a personal interest became a professional passion.

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