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Case study 1: Managing ADDH naturally

Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADDH) is something we are hearing about more and more frequently. In 1996, the World Health Organisation reported that in the USA 5% of all elementary school children were on drugs for this disorder, even some as young as 18 months. The same trend has been observed in the UK. Children with this disorder often have normal or high intelligence, but because of their hyperactivity there is a serious impact on learning, achievement and self esteem. The conventional drug of choice is Ritalin, which acts on the chemicals in the brain making the child calmer, more focussed and less impulsive. There are however side effects, some of the most serious being hallucinations and the psychological and social effects of labelling.

We helped a little girl of 7, who had been on Ritalin for two years. Whenever she tried to come off it, her behaviour became worse and she often had migraines, which were so bad that she had to go to hospital. After just 5 weeks on minerals, anti oxidants, digestive enzymes and essential fatty acids, and a strict diet, which eliminated sugar and all additives, she was able to come off the Ritalin. 

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